Libereria is

a house transformed from 12/12/12 into a Self-Managed Library-Refuge that serves as an engine for many other projects


First guests arrived. From that moment more than 3000 individuals lived here and did something practical 

New ways of living

have been generated. We have realized and we propose to others a way of life where the use of money is not indispensable 

We are creating

an ambitious project with the aim of realizing Human Global Peace in Life Time


Be one of us. We administrate resources in a collective way with the intention to evolve ourselves and projects for the benefit of all earthlings and eventually aliens.


Everybody can take refuge and join the Dorm for two or three days. If you are respectful, you can sleep, take a shower, recharge energy, prepare your own food or just eat for free.

You can stay longer or to be in a Private Room it is required an economical contribute or to be involved in the development of some Libereria Projects.


Wild Park / REsT*FReE / Taratam.

Our projects mainly concern the Free Hospitality, Natural Farming, Neighbourhood Solidarity, Cultural Interchange, Global Peace.


Libereria stories / features / events


To make Libereria and all the projects happening it’s important the collaboration of all of us, also you


We have more than 4000 books that is possible to read here or to borrow with deposit and some others take for free. All books have been donated by people who believe in the importance of this library. Main topics are Natural Medicine, DzogChen, Dream Work, Shamanism, Poetry, Divination Art, Biology, Forbidden Literature, Human History, Comics…


Create New Libereria

It’s about to develop transitional places that are collectively managed and integrated with the local environment and where is possible to experience more natural style of life.

Do you have or know a piece of land or a house that can be entitled for?

Contact us now, we will see together what we can do.



It’s a Table at Libereria where you can sit and read a book, use wi-fi, eat or drink.
It’s a Space to live the square of the Castle and be part of it.
Rest for Free as a friend and enjoy the Libereria Projects and Arcidosso.

Become a Sponsor, Patreon the ReST*FReE




Do you have a wish?

Do you wish for Global Peace?



Liberama ONLUS

LIBERAMA ONLUS is a non profit association created for represent all that kind of realities that are not recognized by institutions in the relation with institutions.


how else you can support

Libereria projects

Keep in touch

Piazza Cavallotti 8, 58031
Arcidosso, Toscana, Italy
+39 351 908 1736 (call, sms)
+39 339 485 9216 (whatsapp)

How to get to Libereria

By Plane nearest suggested Airports: Roma, Pisa, Firenze, Perugia, Bologna. By TrenItalia or ItaloTrain suggested train station: Grosseto; Firenze. Nearest train Station: Civitella Paganico, Siena. By Bus from Grosseto (dir. FI; SI), Firenze, Siena (Dir. GR) get off in Paganico and from there take bus to Arcidosso. From Paganico it is also easy hitchhike. You can also consider using BlaBlaCar. If you need anything contact us.    

A presto!