• To evolve our capacity, we have decided to create a main group of 21, who will make a commitment to advance the realization of our individual and collective goals.¬†

    Actually, we are four, and there is space for new entries. To be one of the 21 requires:

    • fantasy
    • creativity
    • collaboration
    • participation
    • 1000 euro¬†

    We will administrate the money in a collective way. With the intention of maintaining or growing the capital through the management of the project, for the benefit of all earthlings, and eventually aliens.

    We do not run after anybody. The existing 21 joined out of an inner desire to participate more deeply in the Libereria project. If you are interested too send us a detailed mail, or even better try to arrange a meeting.

David Holzberger

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Nicol Bana

nicol 1

Tatiana Arzhakova

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Jan Szlagowski


Jake Banfield


Lorenzo Mitchell