From here you can discover:

Libereria is a

house transformed from 12/12/12  into a Self-Managed Library-Refuge that serves as an engine for many other projects.


First guests arrived. From that moment on more than 2600 individuals lived here and did something practical

New ways of living

have been generated. We have realized and propose to others a kind of life where we use money but they are not indispensables

We are creating

a main group of 21 that will manage an ambitious project with the aim of realizing Human Global Peace in Life Time

There are two private matrimonial bedrooms were is possible to dream here at Libereria. This they are reserved to meritorious participant that they contribute directly economically or skilled work exchange. If you like to know the availability of the space and what is reasonable offer and  to be here CONTACT US NOW Also you can decide to stay in the DORMITORY

Faces East to the main square and the castle

Faces west with sunshine landscape and views

You Are Welcome

You can just directly arrive or


is open to travelers and to whom like to offer Work Exchange. Because is only a big room there is no privacy and we mainly sleep in wooden floor, but we have our own kitchen, Wi-Fi, + 2100 selected books in many different languages, service and Hot Shower! Bring your own necessities. 

  • This place is like a small Sanctuary.

    Maria Grazia
    august 17

  • Near to Merigar and Hot Spring! Highly recommend! 

    July 17

  • We love very much Libereria. Very comfortable also without car.

    Sebastiano, Lilly & Chiara
    August 17

  • Here I found a Tibetan center Merigar where I danced Khaita participate to the Ganapuja. Wonderful people at Libereria and many books. I enjoyed the Free books outside. If you follow your dream and your divine purpose, what can give you more happiness than that?

    Ivana; South Africa
    august 17

  • I was here to found ocra to color my yuta habit. I don't use money than for me Libereria was very usefull.

    George; France
    august 17

  • Great time in Libereria! Hope to see you soon!!!

    Annabel; Mexico
    august 17