• The Free Shop is a Shop where everything is for Free. For real is not a trick. The Free Shop work because “customer” they can both bring and take without the need of pay or barter. Also is possible to “sell” any kind of product or service. People can donate to support the effort of the Liberini but is not obligatory.¬†

    There are many ways to make a Free Shop, you can make a big one or a small, a stable long term one or very short term, a free shop can be just a box out of your door or a stand during events or market, or can even be a place that looks like a real Shop. Libereria make very many different Free-Shop. From 2013 to 2014 we dedicate a full Room inside Libereria. Summer 2015 we Make The very successfull castel del Piano Free Shop. Also we participate to many events everywhere, and constantly we keep a small version of Free Shop, more dedicated to books, outside Libereria.

    Make a Free Shop is very ethical, give very much satisfaction and happiness. And if is well done is a very good and evolved way to do business. What is more sad of do not give to somebody something that Need only because of the money? 

    Than open a Free Shop everywhere you are! If you need technical support, you have questions, or you would like to make a Free Shop officially recognized by Libereria contact us!

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