Ok. Very Good. I’m here writing and you are here reading. Looks like it is the same moment. We can said: no is not. But actually is. I’m writing now, you are reading now. Maybe this is happening because do not exist time as we think. What we think is an illusion useful to describe reality using the tools of senses. But real is not only that. Also it is and is not at the same time and never. Just I want to said: “My grammar in english is not very good. Especially verbs. Then don’t mind when I will use past, present or future, it doesn’t matter. If you are reading now there is no difference”.

Ok. VeryGood. Many some time in past we speek, we some of us, about create the first Libereria Official Gathering. LIBEReTION. Wow sound cool. Well not only the name and the meaning, also what we will do there in that space time, actually now and not. What we are doing here is very important. We are trying to create a very strong an powerful Community that will integrate with all the other ones with the porpoise of solve all global human war in this life time. Why we do this. Because we will use this practice to disclose the door of limitation and entering in the true Nature.

Ok. VeryGood. During LIBEReTION we will have all the ones that becomes part of the 21. This they will have to collaborate to be able to teach and share what any of them can do better to the present participant. We will take a time included from 7 to 12 days where the ones of the 21, plus the others they have been able to collect, they all will participate to this kind of Retreat. During this time Le Mat can teach SoapBubble, Le Monde to play drums, La Papesse Contact Improvisation Dance, Le Batleur want to walk semi naked without shoes in the forest, Le Toille Singing, La Temperance Painting and so on. (This are only examples of possible activities)

Enjoying the time of the season, at the end we make a nice party celebration. There we invited even more people. Some of the ones that we lost during the way also they are back. We share the experience. We enjoy food, fire, sky and happiness